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The PSA World Tour, under the governance of the Professional Squash Association, serves as the apex of professional squash, showcasing the incredible skill and athleticism of top-tier players globally. Comprising a diverse range of tournaments, from longstanding classics to innovative new competitions, the tour attracts elite male and female athletes vying for coveted titles and ranking points.

Structured across various tiers, including the prestigious PSA World Championships and PSA Platinum events, the tour offers a dynamic spectrum of challenges. Beyond its competitive intensity, the tour plays a crucial role in expanding the global footprint of squash, with events hosted in iconic locations like the Pyramids of Giza and urban centers worldwide.

The PSA World Tour not only advances the sport's competitiveness but also elevates its visibility, contributing significantly to the ever-growing popularity and recognition of professional squash on the world stage.

PSA World Tour | Home of Professional Squash

World Squash Federation

The European Squash Federation (ESF) unites squash enthusiasts across the continent, promoting and developing the sport at regional levels. Committed to fostering a thriving squash community, the ESF organizes championships, supports grassroots initiatives, and collaborates with national federations. Through its efforts, the ESF enhances the competitive spirit, player development, and overall growth of squash in Europe, contributing to a vibrant and dynamic squash landscape.

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Euregio Squash

Euregio Squash, a dynamic hub for squash enthusiasts, offers top-notch facilities, vibrant community events, and competitive play. Immerse yourself in a welcoming environment that combines passion for the sport with opportunities for skill enhancement and social engagement.

PSA Foundation

The PSA Foundation, linked to the Professional Squash Association, employs squash to drive positive social change. Through community development and health initiatives, it advocates for inclusivity and aims to make a lasting impact, utilizing the sport's values for meaningful transformation on a global scale.

European Squash

The European Squash Federation (ESF) unites squash enthusiasts across the continent, promoting and developing the sport at regional levels.

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